A Knowledgeable Helping Hand


Welcome to the Chella Meenakshi Centre for Educational Research and Services. The CM Centre was established in 2008 by Dr. V.A. Vidya, Academic Director, and J. Rajasekaran, Field Director, as a multi-faceted facility, dedicated to the advancement of socio-cultural study and research. It is located in Madurai, one of the most important cultural seats of the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. 

The Centre provides a wide variety of services intended to facilitate the work of international research scholars as well as undergraduate and graduate students. Both Dr. Vidya and Rajasekaran have had years of experience assisting international scholars and students, and they are deeply embedded in the community, with an intimate knowledge of its resources. Currently, institutional clients include the USIEF, the University of Massachusetts, Princeton University as well as scholars and students from a number of U.S. Universities.