Vision of CM Centre:

I have to share my personal experiences from 1996 and my passion for educational research, betterment of teaching and learning processes and higher educational opportunities for the underprivileged. When I started my PH.D research, the first thing I realized was the obvious - improving equal educational opportunities will eventually result in social justice. More than handing out benefit packages, empowering people to think for themselves will work in the long run. In order to move in this direction of social work action, I had been preparing to start some thing like this. But in 1996 it was a far fetched dream, and it even sounded like euphoria. But now with all your support and contribution, we are on the road to achieving this. If we wanted to make a one line statement about the vision of CM Centre : It is "power to people through knowledge" Every thing CM Centre undertakes alone or under the auspices of AJ Trust will be for education, bringing educators and learners from all over the world together and making access to quality education available to all.