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Dear Collegues, staff and Associates of CM Centre and AJ Trust,

Thank you all for being here and sharing our joy of our first book release. In the days of electronic books, easy-to-access image tools and all the internet academic resources, popular and more available, the CM Centre is taking several steps back in publishing the hard copy of a book. I congratulate the two young artists and writers for making this contribution.

This is an endeavour to encourage all the young Indian-Tamil Nadu – Madurai scholars, creative thinkers and budding artists. Much has been said, and stereotyped about the Indian Education system, and the quality of intelligentsia we produce. The CM Centre and AJ Trust over the past two years have attempted to create a platform for improvement, enhancement of learning skills, and producing authentic research. In the years to come, we are planning to create an academic committee which will identify potential students and young academicians to contribute to research in humanities and teacher education, award scholarships for them to pursue higher education, and help them find good academic sources to publish their work.

We the CM Centre CEOs, AJ Trust, Trustees and the staff thank you once again for all your support.